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Project Hydroplane Racing Program

Through the Project Hydroplane Racing Program (PHRP), students who were once disengaged with learning have gone on to demonstrate great interest and progress in learning.

Learning doesn't have to be boring.

Hands-on academics. Real-world principles.

The PHRP curriculum utilizes project-based instruction to enhance the learning experience while preparing students for the real world.

Capture students' interest.

The PHRP encourages students from 1st to 12th grades to gain and maintain an interest in school and learning. This includes students from both general education and special education populations.

Provoke serious thinking.

Aligned with state and national standards, increases in math, science (inquiry), and literacy (thinking and reasoning) knowledge form the basis of this revolutionary curriculum.

Hydroplanes as a learning tool.

The PHRP integrates math, science, and literacy as students design, construct, test, and race the foam board rocket-powered model hydroplanes they create.

Put theory into practice.

The testing process gives students an opportunity to develop their theories and hypotheses as they strive to make their hydroplanes go further and faster.

It really is rocket science!

The PHRP provides advanced mathematical concepts that even a first grader can understand through their experiences and engagement with learning.

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