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Design. Construct. Test. Race.

The Project Hydroplane Racing Program (PHRP) was designed specifically to encourage students of all ages and backgrounds

to gain and maintain an interest in school and learning.

Students learn measurement, fractions, decimals, and angles.

Students learn geometry, hydrodynamics, and aerodynamics.

Students learn how to examine their hydroplanes from a research analytical perspective.

Completely customizable curriculum.

The PHRP curriculum is divided into four curricular designs depending on how your institution wants to integrate the program with your existing curriculum.

6-week curriculum

(18 hours)

12-week curriculum

(36 hours)

36-week curriculum

(108 hours)

Adjusted Program

(hours vary)

Designed to meet the needs of schools and programs operating with a limited allotment of time. Due to time constraints, this program utilizes the 62-piece hydroplane kits rather than having students construct hydroplanes from scratch utilizing foam boards. This curriculum is typically presented in 3 one-hour sessions per week for 6 weeks.

Students can either utilize the 62-piece hydroplane kits or build their hydroplanes from scratch using foam boards, in which case they will have many prototype designs to choose from. Through the 12-week curriculum, students engage in extensive testing and adjustments, conduct math and science activities, and write papers.

This program is implemented over a full academic year. The program can be sub-divided into those that use the 62-piece hydroplane kits, those who build their hydroplanes from scratch, and/or a combination of the two. As with the 12-week curriculum, students engage in extensive testing and adjustments, conduct math and science activities, and write papers.

The Adjusted Program is either the 6, 12, or 36-week curriculum adjusted to meet the needs of a particular institution.

Non-interventionist teaching methodology.

With the PHRP, teachers serve as mentors and guides for their students as they move through the lessons. Knowledge is presented to students in the form of challenges that need solutions.

The PHRP has been successfully implemented across elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the nation. It's unique curriculum can be custom-tailored to accommodate virtually any age student.

1st through 12th grade curriculum.

"They realize they have the ability to build something from scratch. It was true discovery from Day One. What it's done to motivate the students is remarkable."

Patricia Pederson, Principal, Waipahu High School, Waipahu, HI

Painless learning (and teaching).

The PHRP engages students from Day One and doesn't let go. Behavioral issues become a thing of the past as students immerse themselves in their projects.

Older students mentor younger students.

It's been said the best way to learn is to teach someone else. This concept is brought to life as you watch older students mentor and assist their younger counterparts with their hydroplanes.

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