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Meet Dr. H.A. Hasan, Founder

Starting in 1985, Dr. H.A. Hasan took a lifelong love of hydroplanes and created the revolutionary Project Hydroplane Racing Program (PHRP). Education hasn't been the same since.

M.Ed Degree, University of Washington

Ph.D. in Special Education,

University of Washington

32 years education experience (12 at public school level, 20 at university level)

He knew there had to be a better way.

He was right.

In his early days of teaching, Dr. Hasan recognized many of his students were not interested in the traditional way of learning. This alternate approach proved exactly what the students wanted, and needed.

A paradigm shift in teaching and learning.

Based on the constructivist theory of learning, Dr. Hasan's program is a complete paradigm shift from how instruction has been historically delivered. In the PHRP, teachers share power with their students who, in turn, take responsibility for their own learning.

Empowering teachers and students.

Almost immediately upon implementing the PHRP, teachers report that their students take a sense of ownership and pride in their learning that they previously had not seen.

"Everyone wants to be in this class."

Crystal Cagata, Student, Waipahu High School, Waipahy, HI

Pride in accomplishment.

Students' confidence, energy level, excitement, and self-efficacy go through the roof once they begin to realize that what at first seemed impossible, is a reality unfolding before their eyes.

"Students gain a real-life understanding of principles that translate into 21st century skills."

Carolyn Connor, Maupin Elementary, Louisville, KY

Improved performance and behavior.

By designing, constructing, testing, and racing foam board rocket-powered model hydroplanes, students who initially complained of boredom in school have gone on to exhibit great interest in learning.

Call us. We'd love to hear from you.

The PHRP has been implemented in schools nationwide with astonishing results. We empower teachers who, in turn, empower their students. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help.

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